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Life is Love to be Lived.

© 2018 by Iris Anam Cara.


A rare fairy based in Paris. 


I Believe in a beauty. Beauty of human soul, which shines through our eyes to the world. And photography is a way for me to express what I feel and see in a person or subject infront of me.

I was given the name Iris by my father who read Herman Hesse fairy tale book. The story resonate with me so I really appreciate it. My last name is also Hrašovec but when I found the incredible book by John O`Donohue I felt the meaning resonates with me so I´ve decided to use it as my artistic last name. 

˝ In Celtic tradition Anam Cara stands for a soul friend. 
Anam Cara always accepts you as you truly are, holding you in beauty and light. The Celts believed that forming Anam Cara friendship would help you to awaken awareness of your own nature, beauty, divinity and light. ´